The Mammals explore new performance works embracing the genres of science fiction, horror, and phantasmagoria, as well as utilize techniques of these three genres in application to classic texts from the western canon. While appealing to a broad section of the public, science fiction, horror, and the phantasmagorical have been able to most successfully incorporate the vast inheritance of non-naturalistic performance strategies passed down from experimental pioneers of presentation and storytelling.

Company Member Derek Smart as Jekyll in CLAY CONTINENT

Inspired by the company model of groups such as the Wooster Group and SITI, The Mammals were formed in the fall of 1999. Why do the Mammals do the sort of Theatre they do? We believe that these three genres (Horror, Science Fiction, and the Phantasmagoric) have a familiarity today with audiences that enable spectators to appreciate non-naturalistic performance techniques. There is a vast wealth of non-naturalistic storytelling technique that our culture has inherited such as Expressionism and Surrealism.

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No Sexit

Mexican Wrestling Macbeth

Breed With Me

Devil Vet

Clay Continent

Horror Chambre of Perfection

First Epiphany

Dream Play Distorted

Amherst Undead: Emily Dickinson was a Vampire


Franz Loves Marie

In what genres can this inheritance be better investigated and celebrated? The Mammals use horror, sci fi, and fantasy to explore this cultural inheritance and to share it with an audience that might have a uninformed deragatory prejudice against the inheritance of yesterday's avant garde. By embracing, exploring, and exposing this inheritance via the three genres mentioned above, the Mammals believe that we will enable further evolution, variety, and acceptance of intriguing and experimental performance stratagies.

Company Members Ron Kroll and Bob Karcher (in the apesuit)
performing in THE DEVIL VET
During the summer of 2002 the Mammals have relocated to the Zoo Studios, their new exclusive home and base of operations. Their plans for 2002-2003 are quite ambitious including a performance of there hit from the 2001 season The Devil Vet at the Bailiwick theatre, a number of fundraising/performance initiatives, classes in shadow puppetry, A Spring 2003 production TBA, the launch our new website, and the launch of the screening room (a branch of the new web site where the Mammals will be able to showcase video of new works in progress, webcast serial features, as well as other special projects).  


Also, last fall, the Mammals had the good fortune to begin a series of collaborations which has proven themselves to be invaluable to our process and our artistic production. That said, we would like to thank the following individuals and orgnaizations, we encourage you to go to there web sites and learn more about each of them






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